Tom Lang is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who wants to one day write the best song ever. He plays with his band, Tom Lang Gang and others around Victoria, BC by night. By day, he works at “the world’s funnest day job” at TC-Helicon bringing better live vocal production to singers. Tom has just completed an epic task: writing, recording, singing and playing all of the instruments on his new 11 song CD, “Super Sonic”.

From banging out rhythms on 45 gallon drums in an abandoned Italian construction site at 10 to mastering the ElectroComp modular synthesizer in a Dallas, TX high school to being one of the first demonstrators of MIDI guitar in New Orleans, Tom has combined technical skills with music and travel his whole life.

Tom’s goal is to continue creating and performing songs that inspire, soothe and resonate with ever more listeners. He would also like to improve his fiddle playing.

Rocking with Jimmy Barnes. Me at right!

Rocking with Jimmy Barnes. Tom at right.

Tom’s multi-instrumental and singing abilities have served him well over the years. He was tapped for guitar, keyboards and singing duties with Australian legend Jimmy Barnes. Starting with 65 dates opening for ZZ Top thoughout the USA, Tom continued on with Jimmy for another 5 headline tours of Australia playing everything from the local workers’ clubs to headlining giant outdoor stadium tours across Australia and New Zealand. One of these tours was filmed and released in Australia as a feature length movie called “Australian Made”.


Hi from Divinyls, Mike Chapman and us in Sunset Sound, LA. Tom waving.

Hi from Divinyls, Mike Chapman and us in Sunset Sound, LA. Tom waving.

Later,Tom was called by Australia’s Divinyls (I Touch Myself from the Austin Powers soundtrack) to play on their “Tempermental” album at Sunset Sound in Hollywood with producer Mike Chapman who has produced Blondie, Pat Benatar and Ozzie Osbourne. On the final morning after finishing the recording Tom was awakened by a serious 6.4 earthquake in Hollywood! This lead to a deep understanding of this natural phenomena that needed venting and which later became a song and CD title: Waiting For The Big One.


April Wine's Animal Grace album with my tune Hard Rock Kid on it.

April Wine’s Animal Grace album with Hard Rock Kid on it.

Myles Goodwin of Canada’s April Wine heard one of Tom’s songs called Hard Rock Kid on a demo from Tom’s band at the time Sharp Edges and was so impressed, he had April Wine record it for their album, Animal Grace.

Tom continues to play guitar, keyboards and fiddle in several bands and do solo acoustic shows in Victoria. Both his daughter and son are in bands and his wife dabbles at the piano when not tending to “the other man”, her beloved quarterhorse, Jet.